This week's club time trial is on the Stony 11.4 mile course. If you are new to the course, please review the course description and risk assessment. Here is the course route - includes download links for GPS enabled computers.

Please note that owing to recently installed traffic-calming measures, we will be using a new start/finish point past the bend after the Calverton junction.  The course will therefore be shorter than previously used. With that exception, the course description and risk assessment remain the same.

Here is the amendment to the published course description. The course is shortened, so the risk assessment and detailed course route should be read with this amendment in mind.

Revised Stony Stratford TT Course (F5u/10)

START at small layby on Beachampton Road 0.00 Miles

Approx. 100 metres SE of Calverton Junction

(Ref: 52.03 N, 0.51 W Elev. 67m)

Proceed through Beachampton and Nash on

Winslow Road to

TURN at roundabout on A421 5.34 Miles

(Ref: 51.59 N, 56.0667 W Elev. 134m) where


FINISH at a point directly opposite the START 10.66 Miles

START is approx. 0.25 from Car Park/Signing On.

All are welcome at our club time trials: make sure you turn up in time to sign on. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet. We recommend the use of a rear light, especially in evening events such as this one. You need to be 12 or over to ride time trials. If you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian to take part (download a permission form in pdf format and in Word format). Each of our courses has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course!

The event starts at 7.00pm, Wednesday 12th March, and entry is on the line at £3.00 (NBRC members), £5.00 (non-members). Maximum number of riders 30. The meeting point is in the car park by the river, on Calverton Road, near the start by Milford Avenue. 


Rather a windy night, though the rain held off until I was riding home! Several of us had trouble at the turn with traffic on the A421 causing significant hold-ups. The new start point was not satisfactory, and seemed to annoy quite a few motorists, so we'll need to re-think this.

Claire Stanton's photo gallery of the event is here

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / - Vets Std
1 15 James Richardson NBRC 23.14 Sen.      
2 2 Graham Knight JCA Equipe Velo 23.58 Sen.      
3 5 Barry Connolly TeamMK 24.19 Sen.      
4 13 Tim Bailey NBRC 25.56 V50 30.33 .+ 4.37 2
5 4 Andy Sharman Baines Racing Silverstone Cycle 25.59 V46 30.12 .+ 4.13 3
6 8 Andy Wickham NBRC 26.09 V46 30.12 .+ 4.03 5
7 14 Jonathan Peters TeamMK 27.06 Sen.      
8 7 Geoff Perry Born to Bike 27.08 V57 31.13 .+ 4.05 4
9 17 Robert Saunders NBRC 27.22 V57 31.13 .+ 3.51 6
10 12 Katja Riedorf Born to Bike 27.49 LV46 32.37 .+ 4.48 1
11 10 Nathan Gallavan NBRC 28.07 Sen.      
12 9 Neil Boddington NBRC 28.47 V42 29.51 .+ 1.04 10
13 11 Paul Woodham Bossard Wheelers/NBRC 29.01 V65 32.15 .+ 3.14 7
14 3 Chris Hartley NBRC 29.56 V59 31.26 .+ 1.30 8
15 16 John Scholtens Unattached 30.21 V62 31.49 .+ 1.28 9
16 6 Steve Taylor TeamMK 33.01 V60 31.33 .- 1.28 11
17 1 Grame Church TeamMK/NBRC 38.39 V51 30.38 .- 8.01 12
Time Keeper:- Tony Farmborough NBRC          
Pusher Off:- Bryan Scarborough NBRC          
Signage:- Andy Wickham NBRC