Sidelined at Round 12 of the Central Cyclocross League by injury and a broken bike, Tim has sent in this review of cyclocross:

Having to sit out the last Ccxl race of the season after a training ride crash means no race report from me. Instead I have listed…

Ten things I have (re)learned this season…

Dave Goodhew has sent in this report on round 12 of the Central Cyclocross League. It was postponed from its original scheduled date.

CXL 12 Welwyn Wheelers

This was the final race of the cross season for me and Adriana (CXL had been rescheduled due to high winds before). Both of us were full of cold despite our attempts at healthy eating throughout the year. Perhaps the 5k Park run and a rainy cold ride the week before made us susceptible to catching the bugs flying round this time of year. Not wanting to waste our entry fees, we drove to Welwyn expecting the worst conditions yet. Course was actually perhaps the driest I had ridden this year with plenty of grip with a mud tyre. Simon Moss had made an appearance as guest of honour and was excited after being indecisive about racing this year. Tim had broken both his self and bike in training and would not be able to do it.

The report below from Dave Goodhew. 

Back to the MK Bowl for a long weekend of racing. Thanks to Ross, David Price, Nathan and Tim for helping and spectator support. We spent Sunday getting very cold with some Marshalling duties so this was a testing weekend.

It takes as many people as possible to help with these events or cycling events will not be possible organizers would have had early starts and late finishes in the snow for only our benefit.

Tim had a disaster with gears breaking again but has since recovered morale with a good finish in CXL 14. I had a fine Start and hit the grass hill at about 23mph where my average then came out around 9 mph by the end! The course was fun with a good tarmac straight where you could dream you were in a UCI race and fling off a bit of mud from tyres. Caught up with Tim and were riding together at one point when Tim crashed on a slow corner and I nearly ran him over. The bowl slopes were quickly turned to mud with run ups and even run downs. I had a good mid pack battle and swapped positions a fair bit. Manged to gain traction in in super soft wet pit side areas to pass some people only to crash out a few times and loose a load of places on the last laps.

I confess to being confused by the order of event reports emailed in by Dave and Tim, I hope I have got them correct! First up, the report from Tim on the Kettering event:

The penultimate race of the Central league cyclo-cross was a good deal warmer than the previous round at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes. The conditions in Kettering were muddy but with the grass being noticeably shorter I was hoping to get to finish this one with my bike intact. Dave and Adriana arrived shortly after me and told me they had something for me. I was surprised and greatly honoured to receive the NBRC Quillum cyclo-cross trophy, graciously handed to me by last year’s recipient Mr David Goodhew.

Since joining the club in the autumn and switching from Team Milton Keynes as my primary club, I have started to enjoy racing in a team again and I am proud to wear the NBRC colours. On a personal note, it’s been great getting to know Dave and Adriana better, who share my enthusiasm for cross and have been very supportive along the way. Cheers guys!

Dave Goodhew sent in this report on the 11th event in the Central Cyclocross League, held on 28th December:

Another fun day spent between Christmas and New Year messing about in the mud. 

I say mud, it was wet but rideable for 99 percent of the course. The NBRC trio was well ready, myself and Adriana felt fit enough having done some running and a single training ride. (not big fans of the Christmas stodge so no weight gained). Tim had been eating cheese and wine apparently although fitness and strength never seems to be a problem for him.

Course was through the woods with some lumpy grass loops around a huge parkland. Two hundred meters into my warm up I turned round and decided to race blind. Didn’t have the tools or time to clear the mud from my bike and to be fair I could see and guess the woody parts to get the idea.