The report below from Dave Goodhew. 

Back to the MK Bowl for a long weekend of racing. Thanks to Ross, David Price, Nathan and Tim for helping and spectator support. We spent Sunday getting very cold with some Marshalling duties so this was a testing weekend.

It takes as many people as possible to help with these events or cycling events will not be possible organizers would have had early starts and late finishes in the snow for only our benefit.

Tim had a disaster with gears breaking again but has since recovered morale with a good finish in CXL 14. I had a fine Start and hit the grass hill at about 23mph where my average then came out around 9 mph by the end! The course was fun with a good tarmac straight where you could dream you were in a UCI race and fling off a bit of mud from tyres. Caught up with Tim and were riding together at one point when Tim crashed on a slow corner and I nearly ran him over. The bowl slopes were quickly turned to mud with run ups and even run downs. I had a good mid pack battle and swapped positions a fair bit. Manged to gain traction in in super soft wet pit side areas to pass some people only to crash out a few times and loose a load of places on the last laps.


I came in 28th on 50:18. 9 riders came in on 49 minutes which showed how hard fought this race was even mid pack.

Much banter from NBRC whilst supporting Adriana. She hated the off camber descent where even the best were crashing. Conditions were getting so bad now that all the women could manage only three laps in the 40 minutes with Adriana pushing hard to overtake some good riders and finishing after 54:11 in 11th and 8th senior or  49 minutes at threshold heartrate, so a good workout.

Perhaps a longer time trial will be easier after so many epic efforts, we are looking at early season races up to 25 miles.