Another cyclocross report from Dave Goodhew:

Another fine day and an earlier start for the journey, we were much helped by extra sleep hour in bed.  This looked like the furthest away of the League this year, although almost every one has been only an hour’s drive.  Adriana would swop roles and spectate, I would race to get the first one in my legs, and Tim would be planning a top ten at least.

Course was on the grounds of a Science research establishment with (at a guess a particle accelerator) on the grounds;  as well as bumpy sports field, what looked like an old runway remnant and a handy steep hill of chalky mud. Highlight was the Synchrotron #‎zappisynchrotron  (a science based spiral of doom) with added Disco and the hill was super tough up and fairly tricky down.

One lap of warm up with Tim had tired me out, Tim looked strong enough to get result and carried on warming up whilst I waited to get it over with. Start was well mannered and mild I was surprised to come through to a mid-pack position straight away. First lap was by far the fastest feeling but with only a slight bottle neck and some running on the steep hill. My plans to ride conservatively were ruined by ex MK rider Ian Marshall who seemed to be in the same little group, for some reason I could let him ride away too far and made time on him on the downhill and hurdles. I think he must have got away on the forth lap, I just couldn’t hang on to him on the drag to the hill area. As my legs and motivation waned three more riders came through on the last laps, one may have got caught up and delayed by a crashed rider on the off camber descent (hurrah) but I really should have jumped the guy in front as he was three seconds only on the line.

I rode the MTB, working brakes, comfort and control didn’t miss the cross bike at all!

I came in 24th Tim just missed the top 10 in 11th and was a lap up on us middle markers.

I sure the next race Tim will be well into the prize money as he has the speed and determination.

Well done to all the riders and helpers, another top race!

And an addendum to this report from Tim, who did win £5 for his efforts this time! 

Thanks for keeping the race reports coming Dave. Rolling my front tub (again!) as I was about to pass the Pretorius rider for fifth spoilt it a bit. This happened on lap 4 and having to pit and change my wheel cost me (I really need a second bike) I was a down a good few places by the time I got going again but managed to chase down a few before the chequered flag.


Report from Dave Goodhew:


Round 2 Team MK at MK bowl

Tim Bailey had a good raced and hammered past many riders on the steep bowl climbs to make 20th place in the vet 40 cat which had a huge 72 riders finishing, only a front wheel change may have cost him places. Adriana had to learn as she went on the off camber turns all over the bowl edges, came in 8th and very tired. Well done to both.

Round 3 of the central league in Hemel Hempstead. 11 October 2015

Myself still not ready (after a spill) and Tim otherwise busy with work meant that Adriana was the only NBRC rider. We were greeted by sunshine and slightly chilly lunchtime conditions. I had to ring Leigh Smith before he arrived to warn him of the huge hill in this course and instil some dread in him after he sportingly decided to support the NBRC hill climb earlier in the day. Course was large, tough but not especially technical, suited to Adriana as she is still improving on more technical terrain and probably in good fitness after two hard races in the tank.

I decided to stay on the top part of the course and shout encouragement at Adriana, she rode smoothly and kept Oli Lacigova of Tri Sports in eighth moving up to seventh place this time. Strava confirms average HR of 172 this is completely at threshold for 40 minutes!

I can testify that this was a hard fought race.

Next week is at MK bowl hosted by CC Luton

Cyclocross startline, Adriana on the left 



David Price sent in these photos of Dave Goodhew riding in the recent Central Cyclocross event promoted by Welwyn Wheelers at Stanbridge Lakes. There are eight photos - click to see gallery.

Adriana has good debut, NBRC Vets crash and burn!

I crashed heavily on warm up, over the bars, me and bike battered. Guess you could say this course had some surprises…..Tim Bailey looked good and was having a good start until a tangle with another rider and dislodged tubs ended it for him. I think we have enough ten speed basic wheels to share some in the pits maybe.

Adriana had a good race on a very unusual cross course, we had gravel, steps, single-track turns in wet ground, a steep drop (or crash in my case) and a fair amount of climbing. She came in 8th out of 16 ladies. 5 laps of this course kept her heart rate in threshold for the entire race, I hope she can beat Team MK riders for next race at the Bowl!

The day was finished off by Simon Moss borrowing the rear wheel (probably the only good thing left) off my bike in an emergency pit stop!

Next Saturday is Bowl Cross, get involved, I will not be riding but Tim and Adriana will, come and watch or borrow my bike if its fixed by then and race!

(Report by Dave Goodhew)