We have two regular club runs each Sunday morning, usually 50 miles with a cafe stop.

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Cyclocross is a winter sport that's has regained popularity in recent years - NBRC members race regularly


Regular road racing through the season at the MK Bowl, and on road circuits nationwide, including national events.

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NBRC members regularly tour by bike, in the UK and abroad. This is a scene from Robert's recent tour in the Outer Hebrides.

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Time trials are popular, and a good introduction to competitive cycling. Find out about our 2016 club time trials.

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NBRC Coronavirus Update 26/3/21

The NBRC Committee hopes that all members and their families are coping with the current pandemic situation, and have remained well.

Cycling Time Trials have given the go-ahead for time trials to resume after 29th March 2021. Accordingly, we plan to resume our club event series beginning with the 14th April event on the Stony Stratford course. We are finalising details of how we will manage this event, and the event announcement is here. We will be arranging pre-event entry with Results Base, and will publish an outline of our protocols for ensureing the event is Covid-safe for riders and organisers alike over the next few days.

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F5v/10 (Rev.) Astwood Circuit -10 miles 

This is the revised version of the course which has been devised for the "Come and try it" events. This revision starts and finishes close to the Bike Bus, which offers refreshments.  For a 20 mile course, use two laps. Further revised 6/6/15 with minor amendments to start/finish points near the BikeBus cafe to avoid nearby houses. Here's a Garmin trace of the course.

Download the latest Course Description and Risk Assessment (pdf)

Course Description

Start is in a field entrance, in line with a steel gate post and marked “S” on the road.

Proceed to Astwood Village where Turn Left at T-Junction.

Continue to A422 where turn left.

Follow A422 to Chicheley where Turn left onto minor road and proceed to North Crawley where turn left , go through village, and continue along unclassified road.

Turn left again on minor road sign-posted Astwood to

Finish in line with telegraph post No. DP227. 

Risk Assessment: Revised Astwood Circuit Course (F5V/10 Rev.)

  1. The road surfaces of this course are in general in good condition, except as noted in the table below.
  2. The majority of this course consists of minor, unclassified road, with very low motor traffic level. While these roads are not straight, they do not present a hazard, except as noted in the table below.
  3. There are numerous entrances to farms, fields and houses, which due to negligible traffic are not listed in this assessment.
  4. Several road junctions with the course are listed. Unless specifically noted, traffic on the course has right of way. Traffic levels entering the circuit from these junctions appears to be low.
  5. The course passes through three villages.



Course Description

Identified hazard

Level of Risk (H/M/L)

Rider action

Official action


Start in Bourne End at Telegraph Pole No.226 opposite Chiltern Door Systems entrance

Potholes and poor road surfaces



Start officials to watch for cars entering car park. Signs to be used.


Turn Left

Possible traffic at T - Junction





Turn left to proceed west on the A244.

Give Way. Oncoming traffic from the right. Joining road (Newton Blossomville), traffic island immediately after joining A422.


Riders should use caution when joining the A422.   In particular, give way to vehicles approaching from the right.

Signage on A422 before junction



Lay by on eastbound carriageway


Rider caution




Lay by on eastbound carriageway


Rider caution




Junction to N. Crawley, L. Crawley (Gog Lane)






Lay by on westbound carriageway


Rider caution




Enter Chicheley. Lay by on eastbound carriageway.


Rider caution



Turn left onto unclassified road signposted to N. Crawley

Sharp corner


Rider caution




Road joins (Gog Lane)





Turn left at T-junction, proceed through North Crawley village



Give way to oncoming traffic from right.




Road junction to Broadmead






Road Junction, dead end road to East End






Sharp left turn


Rider caution




Road junction, Cranfield University





Turn left into unclassified road signposted Astwood



Rider caution



FINISH just beyond Bridge adjacent to Public Footpath Signpost



Riders must not turn in road. Please proceed to The Bike Bus to await results

Finish Sign/Flag



F5v/10 Astwood Course Description (original version)

Meet in a lane near the junction of Astwood Main St and the A422.

Start by the Swan pub car park.

Proceed to join the A422 westbound.

Pass through Chicheley, then take left turn on unclassified road to North Crawley.

Carry on through North Crawley, past the Cranfield University junction, and turn left towards Bourne End.

Proceed to finish at the top of the hill, just as you enter Astwood.

For the F5v/20, you do two laps of this course.

Risk assessment (pdf)