NBRC Committee Update August 2020

Over the last few weeks, the Club Committee has held a series of meetings to discuss our approach to club activities as England relaxes Covid-19 lockdown restrictions (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are managing these independently).


Time Trials

Cycling Time Trials are permitting club events from 13th July and open events from 18th July, though with complex operating procedures aimed at reducing the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission. These operating procedures are likely to be revised by CTT in the next few days. We don’t have open events on our calendar, so we principally discussed the potential operation of club events. The remaining events on our calendar consist of evening events on 12th, 19th and 26th August and Saturday morning events on 5th, 12th and 19th September. The hill climb on 4th October was set for the Three Locks course, which is closed owing to bridgeworks.

At our discussions, the committee felt it was premature to restart our club events. This decision was based on practical considerations relating to operating procedures and the club members involved in running each event, as some are considered vulnerable to Covid-19.

We have concluded that the best way forward is not to restart club events until the New Years Day ‘10’. We are assuming that the coronavirus will not have been eliminated by then and may cause further concerns as we enter the 2021 season proper. We will adopt a number of changes to how we run our club time trials, dependent on the coronavirus situation in 2021:

  • Pre-entry through an established event management system. This has the advantage that we will not handle money at the event, and we can publish a start sheet ahead of the event.
  • Riders will be expected to maintain appropriate social distancing before and after events
  • Numbers will be returned in a way to minimise contact between riders and those administering the event.
  • Riders are not to congregate in the vicinity of the timekeeper.

Club Rides

In recent weeks, club rides have restarted informally. These will be publicised via the NBRC Facebook group. Unfortunately, café facilities on our route cannot be guaranteed to be open, so we’d advise bringing some provisions. It would be wise to bring a disposable facemask.

Committee Meetings and Club Meetings

Our recent Committee meetings were held using Zoom. Many will be familiar with this platform, which has seen widespread use during lockdown. We intend to hold club meetings via Zoom, beginning with the meeting scheduled on 10th August at 8pm. If you wish to attend this meeting, you’ll need log in details from Chris: please drop him an email to request this.

We will evaluate Zoom for this purpose using the free version of the app, which allows meetings of up to 40 minutes (after 40 minutes, the meeting can be restarted). If Zoom is popular with the club, we will take out a subscription which will free us from these restrictions.

John Smith

With regard to the items left to the club by John Smith, who recently passed away. It was decided to authorise Jeff Hathaway to dispose of the bikes and parts as he sees fit and pass the proceeds, less expenses, to the treasurer.