Result of New Years Day 10

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / - Vets Std
1 11 Anthony Batt NBRC 24.19 S      
2 9 Lindz Barral 24.29 S      
3 7 Richard Wood Arbis/Colbert 25.15 S      
4 8 Andy Smith TeamMK 26.36 S      
5 4 Anthony Newland Bossard Wheelers 26.41 V47 26.31 .- 0.10 1
6 3 Matt Exley 26.55 S      
7 10 Jason Lee TeamMK 27.28 V43 26.13 .- 1.15 2
8 5 Trevor Watson Bossard Wheelers 29.19 V53 26.55 .- 2.24 5
9 12 Jeff Hathaway NBRC 29.37 V63 27.45 .- 1.52 4
10 2 Julian Lane NBRC 29.39 V46 26.26 .- 3.13 6
11 6 Daren Haseldine (Trike) TeamMK 29.53 V46 28.03 .- 1.50 3
12 1 Ian Stokes 45 Road Club 33.39 V53 26.55 .- 6.44 7

Timekeepers: Steph Cousins and Tony Farmborough; pusher-off: Bryan Scarborough; 'photographer': Robert Saunders

Good to see Anthony win from a respectable entry of 12 riders from 6 different clubs including Darren on his trike. Not a bad morning although I expect the riders will tell a different story (windy, cold, bloody hard etc etc). Superb effort from the ailing Rob Saunders who photographed every rider on the rise up to the 3rd roundabout, see the NBRC website gallery.

Dates for your Diary

  • Monday 14th January 7.30 for 8pm at Harley Hall are the details for the first monthly, open (committee) meeting for all members. Come along and influence the future of your club.
  • Sunday 24th February Jack’s Hill Cafe north of Towcester Phil Cooke Challenge 50 or 100km.   Details from
  • Thursday 18th April 7pm First MKCA Abbeygate Developments/Corley Cycles Bowl race.
  • Tuesday 7th May 7pm First LVRC race at the Bowl organiser Chris Gunter Virgin Active

Clubrun Reports

  • 2nd December - Was an icy day, some members stayed in bed, some went out later by themselves and there were reports of others braving the early hours.
  • 9th December - This was the day of the NBRC Freewheel Competition which was won by Darren Hayden (hope someone checked his saddlebag for rocks), the challenge took place after the club watered at the Barn. Russell clocked up 63 miles averaging 15.2mph, Anthony did 78!!!
  • 16th December - The clubrun went to Waddesdon and ended up with 50 miles(Chris) at 16.7mph avg
  • 23rd December - Chris reports a shorter route to Waddesdon (45 miles) av speed 15.8mph windy?
  • 30th December - Obviously winding down for the year end 45 miles again at 15.7mph to Buckingham
  • 6th Jan 2013 - Happy New Year The Dave Carrington Mystery Tour to the Barn 50m,16.6mph

HAVE YOU SEEN on You Tube Martyn Ashton and his amazing road bike stunt riding?!!!!!

A personal opinion from the Editor

Following a question from a friend and some contemplation these are my personal thoughts on the subject of other local cycling clubs.

I must stress that these are my own views although I have shared them with a couple of members and they seemed to go along with me most of the time. 

I believe that cycling clubs are as different as people, and we are all individuals with our own aspirations and methods.

I have always aimed to stay friends with all cyclists who move to other clubs, or form breakaway clubs or argue different ways of doing things.

Over the years NBRC has seen many developments, initially the formation of MKCC in the 1980’s, also MK Velo Sport and the doomed Concept of One.

I see the NBRC, as the oldest and original local club, formed in 1952/3, as a benchmark club. We welcome anyone to join in our activities and to become members if they like us. In the same way we expect a welcome when we visit other clubs for their events and clubruns. There is room in this city for lots of different groups and the main requirement is to stay friends. This way cycling remains a strong and relevant local sport.

Under the umbrella of the MK Cycling Association we aspire to move local cycling forward, possibly with a new closed circuit, possibly an outdoor banked track and we would also like to help BMX achieve their aim of a new venue.

Each local club will have their own strengths and weaknesses, just as people are different, so they will want to do things their own way. I say “Good Luck”, “Go for it” and “Give us a wave on the road”.

See you,

Dick Selley

PS   I have just visited the website for SET Cycling Club based at the Dons Stadium. Interesting.  We wish them well with their endeavours, encourage them to affiliate to MKCA and hope to see them on the road from time to time.  I just hope common sense will prevail when we all turn up at the same cafe at the same time.