Hot in from Dick Selley, the latest NBRC Newsletter.

Newsletter  -  February 2013                                                                    

Hi folks...

Anthony Batt apologises for not winning anything in the last few weeks to provide his usual lead item in the newsletter.

The photo shows our long serving Kiwi member Jeff Hathaway, well rugged up, powering to an “evens” ride in the New Years Day 10

Membership Renewals

Reminder.....go to the website and the membership renewal form. Send with your membership fee to Anthony Batt...JOIN NOW






Open Club Committee meeting

We will try again for a club meeting on Monday 11th February 7.30 for 8pm when we will aim to do any committee type stuff (at 8 that is).

Possible Agenda          someone will have turned the heaters on mid afternoon (essential)

                                       I will bring tea coffee sugar water milk and clean the mugs (H & S)

                                      Approval of membership applications

                                     Club kit

                                     Club photo

                                     Plans for upcoming season (Open TT’s, Circuit racing etc etc)


Fingers crossed for the weather, only one fool turned up for the last meeting in sub-arctic conditions and spent the evening cleaning the clubroom. You may ask “How do I know only one member turned up?” Well um..........

Books for Sale           

“NBRC The first 50 years” a history of the club by Derek Taylor    £5

“To Steaming an 8F”a railway story by Frank Allcorn      £5              

Proceeds go to Club funds





The Chain Gang        Sunday 3rd February 2013

I had decided that my “comeback” should happen today, it was a long time since I had been on a clubrun. The forecast was fair amid reports previously of strong winds and low temperatures for the weekend.

A group of likely lads were clustered in front of the clubroom and assisted me with setting up my Christmas present. Garmins should not be given to riders “of a certain age”, which buttons to press and in which order was explained to me “again” and we set off for Waddesdon, the wind being from the west and quite cold. I wondered why we did not group up straight away and was told Anthony had unshipped his chain as he left Harley Hall.

A brief detour at Skew Bridge, luckily a pedestrian route had been provided for the locals (and cyclists), got us on to the Stewkley Road and my first uphill purgatory! Luckily the lads waited and we proceeded to Cublington where “the chain problem” reared it’s ugly head again. Paul was in trouble this time, John Reed had gone home to count the club money and see if we could afford to pay the CTT levy for last season’s club events and Alan Lawson (thanks for your help with the Garmin, Alan) had also disappeared. I pressed on with Team Carrington for Whitchurch. Now, if you ever have chain trouble, make sure you are with Russell, I have lost count of the number of times he has rescued various people over the years, but it has been quite a few! A Powerlink was fitted and we all regrouped only for me to be blown out again on the rise out of Whitchurch. Luckily Dave C rescued me and towed me back to the group. I thought I felt a bit lonely into Waddesdon and only Team C at the cafe. “They have gone on an extra loop round and through the Park” said Dave and we were well started on our repast as they arrived.

We were now down to seven Paul and Anthony, Graham, Russell, Team Carrington and me, all looking forward to a tail wind return to MK.   All went well initially and the hill into Claydon which I had been fretting about loomed up, young Sam Carrington attacked at the foot of the climb which prompted Anthony to respond vigorously this demoralised young Sam so that he faded disastrously and even I beat him up the climb.

Anthony’s attack had unsettled his bike and I thought his chain looked a bit loose, yes, it duly came off for the second time, the first had been at the very start of the ride on H9 as I said earlier.

At the cafe I had told them I didn’t want them to wait for me, I was expecting them to put in a high speed team time trial back with no room for old farts!   So I pressed on, “no waiting!”, I thought I would have a go for the Winslow sign expecting them to mop me up before then, but no sign of them I had expected a lonely ride home, but at the back not at the front!!   It was on the approach to Whaddon that Anthony passed me muttering about having gone a different way possibly?   Anyway he went left through Whaddon and I went right so I was still solo and ended up with a three hour ride and the problem of how to get my data up on the computer screen , ah me, the technological age!!.

Roll on Summer.


The Editor