What’s it all about?

Cyclocross is a form of cycle sport traditionally undertaken in the winter months, with races taking place on courses that feature offroad sections with a variety of obstacles. Its profile in the region rose in 2014, as Milton Keynes hosted a World Cup cyclocross round. Within the NBRC, its popularity is on the rise with several members now riding cross.

What kind of bikes are used?

At first glance, cyclocross bikes look pretty much like a regular road bike. But on closer inspection, you’ll find rather lower gearing than on a road racing bike, cantilever or disc brakes (to allow better mud clearance), and slightly wider knobblier tyres for better traction on loose or muddy surfaces. You can always use a mountain bike.

What kind of courses are used?

Cyclocross courses can be quite varied, but are off-road venues such as public parks and other open spaces. You’ll encounter mixed surfaces, such as grass, mud, gravel and sand, which because of the twisty nature of most cyclocross courses makes things quite technical. A typical cyclocross event will take place over several laps of a relatively short course. You are likely to find obstacles in the course that require you to lift the bike at times - but there’s a huge variety in the courses used.

How do I have a go at cyclocross?

Cyclo-cross racing is an autumn and winter sport. Our local league is the Central Cyclocross League - their website has a wealth of information. You can usually enter on the line, and can take out a day licence, though having a British Cycling race licence is a bit more convenient if you’re going to participate regularly. You can find the Central Cyclocross League events listed in the NBRC calendar (see front page of the website).

Find out more!

Visit the Central Cyclocross League web page for more information about cyclocross events in our region, including a calendar and results. For a more detailed ontroduction to the sport, and a national perspective, visit the British Cycling website. And have a look at reports of some local events on our website!

Reports on Cyclocross events

2015-2016 Season - reports by Dave Goodhew and Tim Bailey

2016-2017 Season - reports from Nathan, Tim and Dave