What’s it all about?

Club runs are a staple activity of most cycling clubs. In essence these are social bike rides, though at times, our enthusiasm can run away with us and speeds can rise! But as these are social rides, we ensure riders don’t get left behind. NBRC club runs depart on Sunday morning from Harley Hall, near the V10 Brickhill Street - Groveway junction.   Meet in time for a 9.00am departure (9.30 in December, January and February).

Club runs require a certain road etiquette and if you’re new, you’ll soon learn to ride in a group and know when to take spells at the front, how not to commit the ghastly sin of half-wheeling your clubmates, and so forth.

What kind of bikes are used?

Mostly road bikes, though any roadworthy bike should be fine. You wouldn’t be advised to ride a pure time trial bike in a club run, as they’re not really suitable for group riding. In wet and wintery conditions, mudguards are desirable, and the riders will get pretty mucky otherwise!

What routes do we ride?

North Bucks Road Club runs are usually around the 50 mile mark, with a cafe stop. We are now posting quarterly club run calendars on this website, and we'll be posting announcements on the NBRC Facebook page. I a longer route is planned it’ll be made clear.  

What should I take?

You should bring basic tools, typically a tube and puncture repair kit and a folding allen key tool. You’ll be with a group of club mates, so you should be able to survive any likely malfunction! In extremis, a mobile phone can be used to summon help. You should bring enough money for a cafe stop and clothing appropriate for the weather. Some food in your pocket and a drink in the bottle cage will stave off any impending hunger knock.