This week's club time trial is on the Stoke Hammond Course. If you are new to the course, please review the course description and risk assessment. Hopefully the weather will have improved by this event! Course route - includes download links for many GPS enabled computers.

All are welcome at our club time trials: make sure you turn up in time to sign on. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet. We recommend the use of a rear light, especially in evening events. You need to be 12 or over to ride time trials. If you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian to take part (download a permission form in pdf format and in Word format). Each of our courses has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course!

The event starts at 9.00am, and entry is on the line at £3.00 (NBRC members), £5.00 (non-members). Maximum number of riders 40. 

The full events calendar is here


It was a pretty damp and cold morning with a touch of drizzle for this week's club event. We had 12 riders who lined up, including Martyn Douglas on his second ride in one of our club events. Katja was on her first ride on her TT bike since her nasty crash in a 100 mile time trial last year. Eight of the riders were NBRC members (one is second claim). 

I can't comment on what the other riders found, but I found the niggling headwind rather twitchy at various points, particularly turning to exit the roundabout. At least I warmed up fairly quickly! Martyn suffered a puncture at about 8 miles (I passed him pushing his bike back), and Katja kindly went to fetch him. Hopefully the puncture won't deflate his enthusiasm for time trialling!

Thanks as usual to the start crew. The photographer on the course was Claire Stanton - here's the gallery of her photos.

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / - Vets Std
1 11 Robert Saunders NBRC 24.09 V56 27.14 .+3.05 1
2 6 Lindz Barral Equipe Velo 24.43 Sen.      
3 13 Andy Wickham NBRC 25.04 V45 26.23 .+1.19 3
4 3 Ant Smith TeamMK/NBRC 25.12 Sen.      
5 10 Tim Bailey NBRC 25.33 V49 26.41 .+1.08 4
6 14 Dave Price NBRC 26.20 V48 26.36 .+0.16 5
7 7 Katja Rietdorf TeamMK 26.35 LV45 28.29 .+1.54 2
8 12 Nathan Gallavan NBRC 28.11 Sen.      
9 8 Ian Stokes 45 Road Club 29.02 V56 27.14 .-1.48 6
10 4 Ross Kirkbright NBRC 29.18 Sen.      
11 9 Wayne Thomas NBRC 30.45 V64 28.06 .-2.39 7
12 5 Martyn Douglas Unattached DNF Punc. Sen.      
Time Keepers:- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC        
Pusher Off:- Bryan Scarborough NBRC          


Handicap placings

Bryan has applied his mysterious handicapping system, and sent in the following ranking. He points out that he must be doing something right if everyone is so close! No handicap place for Tim as he hadn't recorded a prior performance on the course. The same would have held for Martyn, but he punctured and didn't finish.   

1.  Lindz Barral          21.08

2.  Rob Saunders       21.09

3.  Andy Wickham     21.10

4.  David Price          21.11

5.  Katja Rietdorf      21.16

6.  Ant Smith            21.17

7.  Nathan Gallavan  21.22

8.  Wayne Thomas    21.27

9.  Ian Stokes          21.28

10. Ross Kirkbright   21.39