From the 7th of May we will be implementing a new approach to our Sunday club runs, the principal changes are below.

Firstly we will be moving away from our traditional start point of Harley hall. We will in future have two start points, and alternate between them - a western start point next to the “Nut and Squirrel” at Westcroft, and an eastern start point outside the medical centre in Newport Pagnell. The benefits of these two start points are

  1. It’s time to move away from the Harley Hall as we no longer use that location
  2. By having two start points, members from both sides of MK will find one start convenient, and one less so, so fair to all.
  3. Both start points offer a quick exit from MK, and a wider range of routes and destinations, without the need to ride across MK as a group.
  4. Both sites are public spaces, so should not encounter issues with local objections to us gathering.
  5. Both sites are close to car parks.

Secondly we will have two groups, a faster “18” group, aimed at doing 55/60 miles at an average of 18mph. This is faster than currently and is aimed at our stronger members. A second “16” group, aimed at doing 40/45 miles at an average of 16mph, this ride will also act as the entry into the club for new members. The plan is that this ride will be lead by experienced members who can offer guidance and support.

Thirdly each group will have a nominated leader, and a predetermined destination. The logic is to give members the comfort that if they arrive at the start point they can expect there to be a ride, and they will know where it’s going and what to expect. In most cases the destination for both rides is the same, this is to help develop the team spirit and allow members on both rides to mix at the destination

We will aim to publish the runs list on the website, on a quarterly basis. The schedule for August to October is now online

The hope is that by setting this structure up, we will increase the turnout on the rides and provide a more varied and interesting ride for the members. The success of these rides is of course dependent on the participation of the members, we need volunteers to lead the rides, so please contact David Carrington if you can do so.

May the 7th is the first weekend of the new structure, I invite all members to try and attend and give the new structure a great start.

The future

Over time we hope to add such things as Garmin routes published in advance, special rides/events, such as group entries to sportives and really anything else the members want, we are open to suggestions!