David Price emailed to ask for help for the LVRC National Road Race Championships that he is organising on 25th June. He writes:

The format is slightly different this year, in that we will have one race in the morning at 10am and a second at 14.00.  It will mean a long day for those that are willing and able to give up a full day.
I mainly need help with the marshalling of the junctions. Each race requires approximately 18 marshalls.  I already have some of the morning racers offering to help with the event in the afternoon.
Race HQ is A5 Rangers Clubroom in Towcester.
After Gordon and Sue Batcock stepped down from this role last year I am looking for helpers to run the kitchen on the day and help make the sandwiches for the marshalls food bag. 
All offers of assistance will be greatly appreciated! This is an important NBRC promotion.