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Tony Parks and Robert Saunders rode the Team Salesengine '10' on 4th April. A cold and breezy afternoon made it a little uncomfortable. Robert finished in 22:44 (31st place) and Tony in 23:00 (36th place). Full results here.

Robert's write-up is at his blog, Flies & Bikes. Next outing is the Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club '25' on the F1B/25. Andy Wickham and Robert Saunders are both riding.

Photos by Davey Jones

Steve on the road on Day 80 
photo courtesy Andy Haynes

North Bucks Road Club member Steve Abraham is presently attempting to break the world record for the number of miles cycled in a year. This record has stood since 1939, when Tommy Godwin covered 75,065 miles - an average of over 205 miles a day. Steve was instrumental in kick starting interest in this record and negotiated terms and conditions with the UMCA.

The North Bucks Road Club is proud of Steve's achievements in long distance cycling, and of his ongoing attempt to break this long-standing record. After Steve committed himself to take up this challenge, the North Bucks Road Club agreed at its 2014 AGM a significant sponsorship arrangement to help defray the costs of his ambitious attempt on one of the longest standing sporting records.

This website has a frequently updated page about Steve's record attempt. You can easily access the page from the headline news box on the main page of this website. Steve's website is entitled One Year Time Trial.

29/3/15 Sadly, it would seem that Steve's attempt has come to a premature end. See this page for more details.

3/4/15 The above update is premature! See Steve's Facebook page for the latest update.

3/5/15 After a few days off the bike while his ankle received surgical treatment and a recumbent trike made available, Steve began riding again, one-legged! Here's a blog article covering the three record protagonists' activity during the month of April.  

4/5/15 Here's a blog article explaining the best presented graphical representation of the annual mileage record: Visualizing a record too hard to break. The graph itself is here.

New member Wayne Thomas emailed to announce his promotion of the 2015 BC National Masters Road Race Championships. Wayne has a wealth of experience in organising road races. Any offers of assistance from NBRC members will be most welcome. 


Over the weekend of 30 & 31 May I am organizing the whole of the BC National Masters Road Race Championships, here on our doorstep, based at Newton Longville. There will be 8 races with 2 races running concurrently at any one time. We currently have  227 entries – and I anticipate close to 400 in total – with a field size of 60, we can accommodate up to 480 + reserves. The races will take place on the open road on a 10.7 mile circuit, and will vary from 53 to 96 miles depending on age category.

Bryan Scarborough passed a set of photographs taken at this year's Club Dinner, which was held at Splinters Carvery in late January. There are so many photos (about 72, I think), I've not added captions. 

Dave P., Andy, Graham, Dave G., Robert and Bryan met on 19th February to discuss likely open events to target in the first few months of the season. I noted interest in April events: we were all a bit vaguer about May!

Here are the open time trials in the London North district in March, April and May. There are also events in neighbouring districts worth looking out for (check the CTT website). The hyperlinks in these tables were live at the time I posted this article. 

Most of the events now have internet entry, which makes things simple. If you need advice on entering open events, ask around at the next club night. To enter events, visit the Events Listing page, and follow the instructions. If the event you are entering does not offer internet entry, you'll need to fill out the entry form, and post it. Entries generally need to be received by the organiser 10 days before the event: don't leave this too late!

With Christmas out of the way, we started 2015 with a good turnout of eager riders with the temperature around 2 or 3 during the day but no ice. With no route called I suggested a change of route northwest around Towcester with a stop at Upper Stowe for food. This comes out around 72 for me from Cranfield with a detour towards Harold first, so I was estimating around 60 miles total on this rolling route which is tough but mostly sheltered from wind.

This is a route well used by Team MK riders and the Dave Carrington also knew the general route. So we start cutting through towards Newport Pagnell in a direct line, traffic still mostly no problem this early on, steady with instructions that this ride is tougher than usual, so sprints and burn ups early on are not recommended (does saying this help?). Tactics to slow up involve sitting up on the tops and soft pedalling the hills on the B road to Stoke Goldington and Salcey Forrest. We get to the forest part with minimal drifting off the back and hopefully no dead legs at this stage.

The Club Dinner is happening this week! Here are some details...

Date: Friday 23rd January

Timings: Meet @ 7:30pm, for 8pm Dinner (3 course Carvery)

Venue: Private dining area upstairs at Splinters Carvery (we will also have our own bar in the room). There will be a separate area for the trophies to be displayed until they are presented later in the evening. Splinters carvery is in the Wavendon Golf Club.

Attendees: If everyone turns up, we will have 28 people (incl. a visit from a hungry Steve Abraham...hopefully!)

NBRC members will know of Steve Abraham's attempt on Tommy Godwin's long-standing record of miles covered in a single year - the One Year Time Trial. There's quite a bit of discussion over at the YACF cycle forums (particularly comparing Steve's progress with his rivals. One of the regular posters there posts daily, showing the progress that Steve's made along with his two American rivals, Kurt Searvogel (who started on 10th January) and William Pruett (who many commentators suspect either isn't making a serious attempt or has delayed it). You'll probably need to read the early posts in that thread to understand how the graph is laid out.The regularly updated chart can be found here.

There's also live GPS tracking at, and the daily results go up at Strava. I think someone on his team (or maybe Steve himself) loads the day's data up to Strava each evening. Astute observers note that the live tracking often underestimates the actual mileage by about 10% - the actual and reliable data are those posted to Strava.

Finally - Steve has a Facebook page.