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NBRC Club Meeting 11th December, 7.30pm onwards. All members welcome!

Darren has emailed to say:

The Bioracer kit samples have arrived - I will bring them to the next meeting up at the club room (which I believe is next Monday?) for anyone wanting the new kit to try on.

If you're interested in buying new club kit, this meeting would be worth attending! If there are further items for the agenda, I'll post them here. In the meantime, here's what the new kit will look like (click on the image for a bigger version).



Here's the list of times for the Brickhills Challenge, sorted by number.

Bibno. First name Last name Sex Club/Company Total Time
1 Graham Mott M   03:24:42
2 Lee Murdoch M   03:12:37
3 Brian McClellan M Rapha Condor CC 03:08:44
4 john taylor M    
5 john Taylor M 33Six  
6 Karl Shardlow M    
7 Tony Rosella M   03:32:36
8 John Crossman M Ampthill Velo Club 03:04:09
9 Chris Fawcett M    
10 steve torley M twenty3c 03:01:31
11 Mark Ellis M Team MK 02:46:28
12 Martin Ward M Ampthill Velo Club 03:31:26
13 Richard Last M Ampthill Velo Club 02:57:11
14 Ryan Savage M Team Milton Keynes 15:30:00
15 David Hall M   02:56:00
16 Sandra Hall F   16:04:35
17 Jeff Hathaway M Team Milton Keynes 04:00:00
18 Tony Jones M Team Milton Keynes  
19 ann virco F team milton keynes  
20 Theresa Sholl F    
21 Jamie Slee M   03:04:26
22 Tim Hillman-Brown M   03:03:04
23 Daniel Smith M    
24 james cormie M   02:47:09
25 Robert Hunter M   03:22:40
26 Rich Edwards M cc luton 03:30:40
27 Zinzan HEAP M Team Milton Keynes 14:56:00
28 Jonti HEAP M Team Milton Keynes  
29 Martin Johnson M TeamMK  
30 James Beechey M A5 Rangers 03:27:31
31 Glenn McMenamin M  
32 Tim Reece M   03:33:31
33 Carl Redgrove M    
34 Brian Goldsmith M Team MK 03:26:04
35 James Buchanan M Ampthill Velo Club 03:05:40
36 richard miller M North Bucks road club  
37 Kevin Edwins M    
38 Ali Berry F    
39 Peter Thomas M   16:37:49
40 simon marr M   03:22:56
41 wayne maguire M PCH UK Racing Team 03:03:33
42 David Kirby M TeamMK 03:18:13
43 giorgio pilla M team mk 03:09:23
44 David Jackson M   03:39:35
45 Christopher Finister M   03:48:10
46 Andrew Redfearn M Ampthill Velo Club 03:35:01
47 Barry Connolly M   02:39:30
48 John Beaufoy M The Eagle Road Club 03:31:26
49 Richard Carter M   03:33:28
50 Brian Blackwell M Ampthill Velo Club 03:35:33
51 Chris Edwards M   14:20:00
52 JON MCARTHUR M   03:00:00
53 Josh Vinden M Team Milton Keynes  
54 Andrew M Smith M TEAM MK 03:02:48
55 Christopher Swingler M Team MK 02:59:04
56 Neill Hammond M   03:08:39
57 Ken Savage M Team Milton Keynes 03:44:35
58 Helen Diamand F   03:44:30
59 Hagar Niblett M   03:16:59
60 Howard Gell M   03:09:05
61 Tim Kenyon M   03:43:12
62 Brad Currin M TeamMK 03:09:02
63 john risby M TMK / Olney Multisport 03:44:20
64 peter gell M Beds Cycling Club 03:09:03
65 Ashley Lewis M LBRCC 04:08:50
66 Ross Andrew Gallacher M Leighton Buzzard Road Cycling Club 04:08:50
67 Fidel Torrealba M    
68 David Grinfeld M    
69 sean kinselley M teammk 03:33:58
70 Rob Stirling M CLub Corley 15:26:00
71 Mark Ayres M    
72 Steve Portlock M   03:27:52
73 Jan Joubert M   03:10:00
74 Iain Holloway-McLean M LBRCC 04:08:50
75 Darren Walker M    
76 Darryl Pottinger M Corleys 15:26:00
77 Richard Thomas M   03:16:17
78 Jim Key M Corley Cycles 02:53:15
79 Tim Chisnall M    
80 Paul Bird M Team Virgin Active 02:50:11
81 Martin Heaton M   02:53:42
82 Paul Taverner M team MK 03:41:53
83 Nicole Tur F AMPTHILL VELO CLUB 03:32:20
84 Martin Tranter M Ampthill Velo 03:13:30
85 Nic Randle M   03:02:09
86 Richard Golding M 02:55:30
87 Adriana Borowska F   03:26:01
88 James Vaughan M  
89 Andrew Crawford M   03:35:17
90 Katja Rietdorf F Team MK 03:04:46
91 Martin Quill M   03:03:33
92 Sam Varney M   03:03:31
93 Mark Golder M   03:36:27
94 Burke Danny M    
95 Pauline Clerkin F    
96 Dan Hales M 7oaks tri 03:28:16
97 Neil Trail M CORLEYS 03:27:46
98 Mark Avil M Baines Racing 03:10:14
99 NICK CROOCK M   04:14:00
101 WAYNE SPENCER M   03:27:47
102 ANDY SAVAGE M   03:21:48
103 JON LENNOX M TEAM MK 03:15:23
105 JASON GILLOT M   03:48:52
107 KEVIN MCCARTHY M   04:18:59
108 CHRIS BROWN M   02:54:22
109 STUART WILSON M   03:10:13
110 LINDA PLOWRIGHT F   04:08:59
111 WARREN BRIARY M   03:19:14
112 YVONNE RAW F   04:02:02
114 STEVE RUST M   03:35:20
116 TOM VARNEY M   15:28:00
117 MAX DILLON M   02:59:38
118 GAIL DUCKWORTH F   04:08:50
119 SHANE DICKENSON M   03:39:59
120 PAUL ALDRIDGE M   04:08:50
121 JOE QUILL M   03:15:52
122 SCOTT HOLDEN M   03:11:56
124 MATT COPE M   03:01:28
125 PAUL FREEMAN M   03:15:18
126 STEPHEN RETFORD M   03:25:50
127 GEORGE REED M   02:51:50
128 MATT WOOTTON M   03:13:33
129 IAN MULVEY M   03:19:51
130 STUART CHUNG M   02:55:30
131 Adriana GILL M   14:56:00
132 RICHARD MEAD M   03:34:52
133 DARREN FARR M   03:30:40
134 KEITH VERRALLS M   03:28:38
135 ANTHONY NICOLADU M   16:04:20

Start and finish at Bow Brickhill Pavilion, Rushmere Close, MK17 9JB

If you missed out on the EROICA why not ride your classic bike here? Prizes for Best Classic. Mystery Spot Prizes

Sign On from 0730:Start between 0830 and 0930

Distance: Just over 52 miles (85 Kms) Climbing: approx. 3300 feet (1100 Metres) Never more than 15 miles from HQ

Route fully signposted and marshalled

Event timed

Medical assistance at HQ and On Route

On-Line Entry Fee £10.00 - Entry on the Day £15.00 - Proceeds to Charity

Free drinks and snacks at HQ

Full course details 

Enter on-line at Race Timing Systems

The Brickhills Challenge was originally an early season Reliability ride at the end of February for the racing guys to hone their early season form. With a succession of hills and narrow lanes it was also ideal for the new breed of sportive rider training for Flanders. After two years in a row being snowed off the event was switched to October.

The Brickhills are on the southern border of Milton Keynes. You are never more than 15 kms from HQ. The course includes 14 climbs including Bow Brickhill, the steepest at nearly 20%, which was used by the Milk Race one year. This is only 300 metres from HQ so ideal for spectators.

Three Locks is the longest climb at about 1.5 kms with gradients of 6 to 10%.

Riders pass through beautiful villages including Aspley Guise, Great, Bow and Little Brickhill, Woburn and Drayton Parslow.

The 52 mile (85 kms) course should take between 2hrs 45 mins and 4 hours to complete. Given the relatively short distance there are no feed stops.

Every rider will be given a bottle of water at the finish and can enjoy free tea and coffee, cakes and sandwiches at event HQ.

Random spot prizes will be awarded and there will be prizes for best classic racing bikes.

Apologies for the late notification (I've been on holiday in France), but we've a club meeting on Monday 9th September 7.30pm onwards. All welcome, come and discuss club business in advance of next month's AGM!

Sunday 1st September:    
Two Counties Challenge
Starts at Jack’s Hill Cafe on the A5 north of Towcester.
50 or 100km. Full details at:

Sunday 15th September:  
Army Benefit Fund Soldiers Charity Ride. Starts at The Five Bells Stanbridge.
26 or 64 mile signposted and marshalled route, complementary Hog roast at the finish for riders.
Register at:

Tony Farmborough emailed in to alert members to last weekend's national '24':

Hi all,

I guess you may already be aware but, just in case you are not, Steve Abraham has managed to set a new club 24hr record. It now stands at 449.44 miles. Only last year it was set by Steve at 448.193 miles.

Former NBRC rider Geoff Bunyan smashed his previous best of 392.770 with a new PB of 420.21 miles.

Congratulations to them both.


I made a minor website update this morning following a comment from a rider at last night's club event (was it you, Martin?). This related to the annoying EU e-privacy directive banner. This is a legal requirement of all websites in the EU - we need to alert users to the fact that the site (as do most websites) uses cookies. The old banner would appear each time the website was opened - the new version should only appear once - I presume it sets a cookie if the acceptance is selected, so unless you clear your browser's cookies should shouldn't see it more than once.

As ever, report any website issues to Robert.

Darren has forwarded the following designs that have been proposed for the new club kit. I understand there is some discussion on the NBRC Facebook page (I don't have an FB account). There are three designs - those of us without Facebook accounts could use the website forum to discuss these...

Design 1:

Design 2:

Design 3: