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Fresh from his recent organisational endeavours, Wayne Thomas has taken on the National Masters Criterium Championship! The event will be held on the Milton Keynes Bowl circuit, Friday 29th July 2016. From the British Cycling website:

The National Masters Crit Champs are open to all Male Masters riders with a full BC licence with the UCI prefix GBR. We are investigating the possibility of putting on Women's Masters too, but can make no guarantees at this time. Subject to the number of entries received, there will be separate races per 5 year age group. We reserve the right to merge age groups if necessary, however, each age group will have its own results. We also reserve the right to amend the race scheduling. Races will be between 60 and 90 minutes long depending on age group.

Subject to wet weather, we will be using the extended lower MK Bowl circuit, with an initial 20-25 minutes on the inner circuit.

For Race HQ I propose hiring a Marquee plus additional Toilet facilities.

We recognise that Ride London is on the day after, however as these are only 60-90 minute races, we have taken the view that it should not overly affect entries. Indeed if you are travelling from the North or the Midlands to take part in Ride London, why not stop off in Milton Keynes on your way down, and take part in a National Championship. 

Wayne Thomas has sent in the Race Book for next weekend's North Bucks Festival of Cycling: road racing across two days: 28th and 29th May. Here's the link to the Race Book (pdf format).

The North Bucks Festival of Cycling is an extensive weekend of racing incorporating the National Masters Road Race Championships for Male riders aged 30-54, a round of the National Women's Road Race Series, an Under 23 race and a supporting 2/3/4 category race (part of the newly formed Central Road Race League) - 7 races in total. 

All races will be run to the same standards of safety and organisation appropriate to a National Championship including Accredited Marshals (next best thing to closed roads), NEG, Neutral Service and 2x2 Mobile First Aid crews and professional Traffic Management at one critical roundabout. We also have an excellent HQ, based on the course and close to the finish - which is in a different place to 2015 and closer to the village of Newton Longville.

This event was run on the F1B/50, running over two jaunts down the A1 from near Tempsford (though the HQ was in Roxton). NBRC had three riders, David Price, Andy Wickham and Robert Saunders. David drew the short straw, and was first in the field to start at 6.03am, and Andy and Robert were off numbers 16 and 37 respectively. For Andy and David, this was to be their first 50 mile time trial - and Robert's first for several years.

Weather conditions were really very nice, with only the lightest of breezes troubling the windmill generators and the cyclists out on the course. All three of us seemed to pace our rides well, though there were some complaints of discomfort due to riding in the aero tuck over the 50 miles! David had a bit of a dash to the start after having some trouble zipping up his skinsuit, but did make it in time.

NBRC results:
Robert Saunders 1:57:25
Andy Wickham 1:59:14
David Price 2:04:39


Well, it really was lovely morning for a time trial! The Bossard Wheelers event had been set for the F15/10 Brogborough course, but was relocated to the F11/10 near Tring due to roadworks on the original course. Unusually for events on the F11/10, it started at 8.00am. The North Bucks Road Club had two riders on the start line, Andy Wickham and James Richardson, and both set new PBs for 10 miles.

James recorded 20:02, which is also a new club Senior record, while Andy did a 21:49. Well done both!

Monday 9th May sees our next club meeting. There's no agenda so far, so drop Robert or Steph an email with any items you wish to discuss.

This meeting will be at 7.30pm in Harley Hall. It's something of the end of an era, as this will be the last meeting we will be able to hold in Harley Hall, as we have terminated the lease in the face of increasing rent. I guess that means one item for discussion is where we'll meet for the June meeting (and beyond).


A full field, with 17 women and two mixed tandems. The women all started as a block near the start of the event. NBRC had three riders on the startsheet: David Price and Debbie Vanner had also entered, though David DNS’d due to a bad cold. I went over with Katja, who was to start some 77 minutes before me.

It was a bit breezy with a gusty wind that made the outbound leg much quicker than the return. To add insult to injury, the middle of the field were caught in a nasty rain squall with significantly tougher wind. I could barely steer the bike while warming up. Fortunately the A428 has decently high embankments either side which offer some shelter. I had a clear run through, particularly at the turn, which is really quite good - you can see it on the Garmin trace. The only traffic issues were right after the start - you head west on the old A428 and turn sharp left at the roundabout to go down the sliproad to the A428. There was a learner driver being quite cautious, with a lorry and another car behind them. I don’t suppose it caused too much delay, but it always feels like it does. And no doubt the learner driver was being a bit anxious about all the TT bikes wobbling around.

Andy and James were in action, so I asked for a couple of paragraphs about their races. James is obviously in essay writing mode, so this is a long post. Andy's event wasn't strictly speaking an open event, but it wasn't one of our club events!

Andy's report on the RIPCOR 10ml TT (H10/10 course)

It was an early start, and the weather was miserable as I set off in the car. As I got on the motorway to travel down to Windsor, it started snowing...oh good?! Luckily the weather improved, and by the time I arrived, the sun was out, and the roads were drying out nicely in the freshening breeze.

The Ripcor cycling club, started 10 years ago as a group of mates with a shared interest - Cycling! They don't take themselves too seriously, and I was made to feel very welcome as the banter flowed between them. Setting off 8th out of a field of 25 it was the 1st time id ridden the H10/10 course, so I was dependent on the course instructions, and advice from the other riders as to where I should conserve energy, and where to go for it.  The course starts off with a v.gentle downhill slope for the 1st couple of miles...Great! (Although it was into a headwind), the course then turned left (at well marshalled roundabout) and started to reclaim some of the height that it had been so generous with in the early miles. At the top of that gradual rise, the rest of the course was generally flattish allowing a big gear to churned over which is perfect for me. At the final left turn, it was back into the headwind and eyeballs out until the finish.

I wasn't sure what to expect time wise, but was pleased to register under the 25min target that I'd set myself. Making my way back to the HQ, everyone's stories were of the headwind on the last couple of miles. Everyone tucked into a very well stocked HQ, and eagerly awaited the results - my Garmin time was 24:18, with the official time being a few seconds quicker. I was delighted to take 2nd place on the day (and to come away with a new mutli-tool as a prize).

Overall, a really welcoming club event with great support/marshalling and excellent HQ/facilities - I hope to be invited back again later in the year for their next TT!

James' report on the BUCS 10 and 25 mile Time Trial Championships

Four NBRC riders entered and rode this event, held on the F1B/25. It was quite a good morning, with a gentle headwind to the turn. Despite sunny conditions, it was very cold and frosty earlier. Most of us were shivering on the start line. As ever for this course, the outward leg felt a bit stodgy, but the return was quite quick in comparison. Fastest on the day was Ross Clarke (TMG Horizon) with 52:49.

New member Debbie Vanner won the ladies event in 1:08:42 - well done, Debbie!

In the mens' event, our three first claim riders were:

9th place - Robert Saunders 57:32

18th place - Andy Wickham 59:30

21st place - David Price 1:0:13

We had a couple of second claim riders: Steve Torley (TeamMK) 55:56 and Richard Golding (Equipe Velo) 57:02