The North Bucks Road Club Time Trial League

John Smith Memorial Series

The Club is delighted to announce the resumption of our Club TT League. We will start with the event on 14th April, and we are making changes to how we manage our events to ensure we are compliant with CTT guidance. Entries will be required in advance of the event, with payment online.

Coronavirus precautions: We will provide detailed guidance on how we plan to organise this event to ensure that riders and officials are protected. NBRC Coronavirus Precautions

New CTT Regulations: All competitors must have a functional rear light on their bicycle. No light, no ride. This regulation would have been in force for 2020, but we cancelled our events due to the pandemic!

All are welcome at our club time trials: make sure you turn up in time to collect your number (entries will be made online). You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet. A working rear light is now required by CTT regulations. You need to be 12 or over to ride time trials. If you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian to take part (download a permission form in pdf format and in Word format).

Each of our courses has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course!

Stony Stratford 11.4 mile Time Trial 14th April 2021

This event is to be held on the Stony 11.4 mile course. If you are new to the course, please review the course description and risk assessment. Here is the course route - includes download links for GPS enabled computers.

The event starts at 7.00pm Wednesday 14th April, and entries will be made online at £5 for members and non-members alike. Maximum number of riders 30. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY ON THE LINE FOR THIS EVENT.

ONLINE ENTRY NOW LIVE at ResultsBase. Please note that online entry includes payment of the entry fee.

The meeting point is in the car park by the river, on Calverton Road, near the start by Milford Avenue. 

Remember to bring both front and rear lights if you plan to ride home after the event. 

First rider starts at 7.01pm, with each rider starting at 1 minute intervals in number order. Please note that sunset is around 8pm, and bear this in mind if you expect to take more than 35 minutes to cover the course!

Rear lights are required, a front light may be advisable. Please review our coronavirus precautions.


Results are available at the ResultsBase website. Vets standard results and league table standings are below.

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Sex Age Vets Std .+ / - Vets Pos
1 4 Gavin Howell VeloElite 00:25:11 V M 40 00:26:06 00:00:55 2
2 2 Daniel Chambers BMCC 00:25:55 S M 32      
3 11 Aaron McCaffrey Milton Keynes Road Club 00:25:55 V M 50 00:26:51 00:00:56 1
4 18 Robert Fletcher Equipe Velo 00:26:38 V M 50 00:26:51 00:00:13 3
5 6 Mathew Baker BRRT 00:26:57 S M 36      
6 24 Andy Sharman Team Bottrill 00:27:08 V M 50 00:26:51 -00:00:17 4
7 19 Jack Pinchin Veloelite 00:27:14 S M 19      
8 10 Riley Searle Milton Keynes Road Club 00:27:27 S M 19      
9 9 Sean Dines Milton Keynes Road Club 00:28:14 V M 49 00:26:46 -00:01:28 7
10 8 Mark Halliday North Bucks Road Club 00:28:44 V M 57 00:27:30 -00:01:14 6
11 7 Robert Saunders North Bucks Road Club 00:28:46 V M 61 00:27:58 -00:00:48 5
12 17 Tom Comerford   00:29:59 S M 33      
13 22 Julian Enticknap VCGH 00:30:08 V M 51 00:26:56 -00:03:12 8
14 20 Peter Gregg Team senza limiti 00:30:10 S M 26      
15 15 Oscar Heslop Team MK 00:30:20 J M 15      
16 21 Nathan Gallavan   00:32:03 S M 35      
17 14 James Heslop Team Mk 00:32:19 S M 38      
18 23 Molli Keenor JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 00:32:35 J F 17      
19 1 David Powell LBRCC 00:32:47 V M 40 00:26:06 -00:06:41 10
20 12 Tim Searle Milton Keynes Road Club 00:33:08 V M 55 00:27:18 -00:05:50 9
21 5 Phil Brittain Wootton Tri 00:36:22 V M 44 00:26:23 -00:09:59 11
22 3 Russell Rowles SPIRIT RT DNS V M 59 DNS    
23 13 Steve Torley Milton Keynes Road Club DNS V M 43 DNS    
24 16 Jez Honor Equipe Velo DNS V M 50 DNS    
25 25 Graeme Church TeamMK/NBRC DNS V M 55 DNS    
26 26 Geoff Perry BornToBike - Bridgtown Cycles DNS V M 61 DNS    

(Since this is the first event, League positions (which are calculated on best 7 placings in the series) are basically the same as the results above, so I haven't included a current League table this week.)

We are delighted to see the resumption of NBRC club time trials. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, we hadn't put on a TT since the New Year's Day '10' in 2020. We have made some changes to the organisation, including online entries via ResultsBase, and some coronavirus precautions as advised by CTT.

After a last minute panic about reported roadworks on the course, the event went ahead as planned. On the evening, conditions were a bit cool but clear and with a light wind. 21 riders started out of an entry of 26 riders. Congratulations to Gavin for an excellent ride to take first place and to Aaron for first place on standard. I'd also like to note the excellent rides by two younger riders, Oscar and Molli. Special mention has to be made of the rider who turned up without shorts, dashed off to Decathlon and made it back in time to start. He might prefer anonymity!

Next week we're at Astwood, I'll add the link to the website announcement when entries open.