The North Bucks Road Club Time Trial League

John Smith Memorial Series

The Club is delighted to announce the resumption of our Club TT League. We will start with the event on 14th April, and we are making changes to how we manage our events to ensure we are compliant with CTT guidance. Entries will be required in advance of the event, with payment online.

Coronavirus precautions: We will provide detailed guidance on how we plan to organise this event to ensure that riders and officials are protected. NBRC Coronavirus Precautions

New CTT Regulations: All competitors must have a functional rear light on their bicycle. No light, no ride. This regulation would have been in force for 2020, but we cancelled our events due to the pandemic!

All are welcome at our club time trials: make sure you turn up in time to collect your number (entries will be made online). You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet. A working rear light is now required by CTT regulations. You need to be 12 or over to ride time trials. If you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian to take part (download a permission form in pdf format and in Word format).

Each of our courses has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course!

Astwood 10 mile Time Trial 21st April 2021

We're racing on the Astwood course using the version starting in Astwood, on Wednesday 21st April.

The event starts at 7pm, and entry is £5 (for members and non-members) online only. Maximum number of riders is 40. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY ON THE LINE FOR THIS EVENT.

Enter the time trial. (Links to ResultsBase)

All are welcome: make sure you turn up in time to collect your number. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet.

The course has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course, and remember that time trials are held on open roads - take care and be observant of other road users!

Download the latest Course Description and Risk Assessment (pdf)


Unfortunately the results as posted at the ResultsBase website need some double checking - I'll get them amended and online here ASAP. Many apologies. These are the results after we have gone through the record taken yesterday evening, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you see a wild discrepancy with your own timing (e.g. minutes, rather than seconds).

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Sex Age Vets Std .+ / - Vets Pos
1 12 Gavin Howell VeloElite 00:21:43 V M 40 00:26:06 00:04:23 2
2 21 Jez Honor Equipe Velo 00:21:50 V M 50 00:26:51 00:05:01 1
3 10 Daniel Chambers BMCC 00:22:42 S M 32      
4 4 Andy Sharman Team Bottrill 00:23:07 V M 50 00:26:51 00:03:44 4
5 7 Robert Saunders NBRC 00:24:09 V M 61 00:27:58 00:03:49 3
6 5 Ryan Carrick Team Senza Limiti 00:24:14 S M 27      
7 9 Jack Pinchin VeloElite 00:24:14 S M 19      
8 19 Philip Wilkinson MKRC 00:24:56 V M 48 00:26:41 00:01:45 6
9 3 Mark Halliday NBRC 00:25:03 V M 57 00:27:30 00:02:27 5
10 20 Tom Comerford Unattached 00:25:30 S M 33      
11 6 James Richardson NBRC 00:25:56 S M 28      
12 14 Max Kirby Unattached 00:26:02 S M 29      
13 17 Peter Gregg Team Senza Limiti 00:26:33 S M 26      
14 2 Ian Markham Chronos RT 00:26:38 V M 52 00:27:01 00:00:23 7
15 16 Nathan Gallavan Unattached 00:26:59 S M 35      
16 1 David Powell LBRCC 00:28:35 V M 41 00:26:10 -00:02:25 11
17 11 David Creese Chronos RT 00:29:30 V M 69 00:29:08 -00:00:22 9
18 13 Steph Cousins QN Racing 00:30:20 V F 56 00:30:01 -00:00:19 8
19 15 Kevin Creese Chronos RT 00:30:22 V M 67 00:28:49 -00:01:33 10
20 18 Phil Brittain Wootton Tri 00:30:57 V M 44 00:26:23 -00:04:34 12
21 8 Graeme Church TeamMK/NBRC 00:32:58 V M 55 00:27:18 -00:05:40 13
22 22 Will Scott Richardsons Trek DNS S M 28 DNS    


From indoors it looked like a lovely evening, but out there that blustery wind seemed rather cold to me! The roadworks in Chicheley weren't in evidence, so we used the regular version of the Astwood course. Some fine performances - congratulations to Gavin (once again!) for the win, and to Jez who took first place on vet standard. It was certainly good to race on the Astwood course again after the long coronavirus break.

Next week, we are on the Brogborough course.