We're racing on the Astwood course using the version starting in Astwood, on Saturday 26th March.

The event starts at 10am, and entry is £5.50 (for members and non-members) online only. Maximum number of riders is 40. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY ON THE LINE FOR THIS EVENT.

All are welcome: make sure you turn up in time to collect your number. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet.

The course has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course, and remember that time trials are held on open roads - take care and be observant of other road users!

Download the latest Course Description and Risk Assessment (pdf)

The results of this time trial will be posted online shortly after the event has been completed. These data include riders’ Names, Club, Category and their Result.

Start List

No Name Club Cat Sex
1 Chris Ciliberti RCC S M
2 Mark Halliday NBRC V M
3 Robert Saunders NBRC V M
4 Andy Sharman Team Bottrill V M
5 James Wooldridge TeamMK V M


First rider starts 10:01am



A beautiful spring morning greeted the four starters (sadly, Chris' DI2 gears failed to charge overnight, so he was forced to DNS). As you'll see, all riders finished within 17 seconds of each other, so that was pretty close! Conditions were pretty good with a gentle wind giving a little assistance on the road out to Chicheley, and surprisingly little difficulty on the way back round the circuit.

Many congratulations to Mark for the win. Having very much felt like the old man of the field during the race, I was pleased to see my 4th (and last) place changed to 1st place on veteran standard. I definitely found my first TT since New Year's Day a bit uncomfortable.

Thanks to Steph for timekeeping, Chris for sign placing. Robert handled website duties, start sheet printing and results collation. And thank you to Eira for the mini-muffins!

Pos Number Name Club  Time Cat Sex
1 2 Mark Halliday NBRC 00:23:22 V M
2 4 Andy Sharman Team Bottrill 00:23:27 V M
3 5 James Wooldridge TeamMK 00:23:28 V M
4 3 Robert Saunders NBRC 00:23:39 V M
  1 Chris Ciliberti RCC DNS S M


Results on Veteran standards

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Sex Age Vets Std .+/-
1 3 Robert Saunders NBRC 00:23:39 V M 62 00:28:06 00:04:27
2 2 Mark Halliday NBRC 00:23:22 V M 58 00:27:37 00:04:15
3 4 Andy Sharman Team Bottrill 00:23:27 V M 51 00:26:56 00:03:29
4 5 James Wooldridge TeamMK 00:23:28 V M 42 00:26:14 00:02:46