We're racing on the Astwood course using the version starting in Astwood, on Wednesday 27th July.The event starts at 7pm, and entry is £5.50 (for members and non-members) online only. Maximum number of riders is 40. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY ON THE LINE FOR THIS EVENT.

All are welcome: make sure you turn up in time to collect your number. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet.

The course has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course, and remember that time trials are held on open roads - take care and be observant of other road users!

In the event of roadworks or other problems, we will use the Brogborough course (F15/10).

The results of this time trial will be posted online shortly after the event has been completed. These data include riders’ Names, Club, Category and their Result.

Start List

First rider starts at 7.01pm

No Name Sex Club Age category
1 Jim Eastment M Redway Runners Veteran60
2 Mark Halliday M North Bucks Road Club Veteran50
3 Robert Saunders M North Bucks Road Club Veteran60
4 Martyn Douglas M Redway Runners Veteran40
5 Simon Cannings M Equipe Velo Veteran50
6 Jason Lee M Team MK Veteran50
7 Daniel Chambers M BMCC Senior
8 Martin Day M Leighton Buzzard Road Cycling Club Veteran50
9 Steph Cousins F QN Racing Veteran50



Now that I have dried off, here are the results!

The quite unpleasant conditions put several riders off on the day (though Jim had let me know he wasn't able to ride earlier in the day. Jason, Robert and Steph all rode out to Astwood in quite heavy rain. Being already quite wet, there wasn't much to lose in racing. For those who arrived by car and were still dry and warm, the prospect of hauling themselves round a 10 mile circuit was quite understandably unappealing (though maybe Martyn was made of sterner stuff!).

Anyway, the four riders found themselves racing through the heavy rain, though at some point between Chicheley and North Crawley the rain stopped and it got a it warmer. No let up in the gloomy conditions, which made it difficult to read my Garmin, at least. At least this was a single lap, unlike last week.

So congratulations to the depleted field. Robert took first place on actual and on standard. We went to the pub afterwards, where it transpired Jason had left his phone with us - he retrieved it from me on my ride home!

Many thanks to Katja for timekeeping and Mark for sign placing.

Main results

Pos Number Name Club  Time Cat Sex
1 3 Robert Saunders NBRC 00:24:24 V M
2 6 Jason Lee TeamMK 00:26:39 V M
3 4 Martyn Douglas Redway Runners 00:27:35 V M
4 9 Steph Cousins QN Racing 00:28:46 V F
5 1 Jim Eastment Redway Runners DNS V M
6 2 Mark Halliday NBRC DNS V M
7 5 Simon Cannings Equipe Velo DNS V M
8 7 Daniel Chambers BMCC DNS S M
9 8 Martin Day LBRCC DNS V M


Results on veteran standard

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Sex Vets Std .+/-
1 3 Robert Saunders NBRC 00:24:24 V M 00:28:06 00:03:42
2 9 Steph Cousins QN Racing 00:28:46 V F 00:30:15 00:01:29
3 6 Jason Lee TeamMK 00:26:39 V M 00:27:07 00:00:28
4 4 Martyn Douglas Redway Runners 00:27:35 V M 00:26:06 -00:01:29