Three for a Tenner!

Well what a day that was, the sun shone down & all the best bikes were polished ready for a fine day of fun & frivolity. Already at the clubhouse the throng had assembled, Gilbert, Chris (Selley), Dick, Abi, Claire, Glen, Big Dave, Martin (Erasmus), Tony (Brunton) & Doug (apologies for anyone i missed).
The garden centre on the other side of Buckingham was our chosen location & we all set off in pursuit of Big Dave, who appeared to be the only one, who knew where he was going. A blistering pace was set, averaging out over 17mph as our quarry sped down the road. Leg & arm warmers was soon dispensed with as things hotted up. As we approached our chosen destination, it turned into a magical mystery tour, as despite turning in the opposite direction of all of the signs marked Buckingham, we soon reached our new tea stop at the Garden Centre of Buckingham (strange that).
Tea & cakes were soon quaffed as we debated about going for the three bags of compost for a tenner, HMN was the first to offer to carry a bag back, but with no other takers, the idea was dropped.
We pretty much retraced our route back, with Doug deciding to do a lone break. However after leaving him hovering at 20 yards in front on gas mark 4 for 5 miles he was soon reigned in.
I got back with 60 miles on the clock & a job well done by all.
Alan Lawson

by Alan "Tintin" Lawson (via his iPhone)

With tales of shut icy roads & ernesto campagnolo turning in his  grave, with warranty claims galore, after his components faulted with  the mere mention of snow. It was with trepidation that the mountain  bike was removed from it's 5 year slumber. After evicting the mouse  from my Mtb boot. Messers police andy, chris Parkes & myself ventured  out on the dark side. Only fell of once & thank goodness for that  barbed wire fence being there to break my fall. Anyway should be back  on the road next week.
Final thought of the day, with their panchant for the soft roader 4x4,  I bet every hairdresser made it to work this week!