After three events at Astwood, we move to the 22 mile Hardriders course (F5W/22 Hardriders).  This is a two lap course culminating in the Bow Brickhill climb. The event is held on Sunday 1st April, starting at 9am.  Meet at the bottom of the Bow Brickhill climb.  Remember that entry fees have risen this year to £2.50 (members) and £3.00 (non-members).

It was a glorious day for a time trial, so I was a little surprised at the low turnout.  I was down to ride the Icknield RC 30k this morning, but was too ill to do much more than peer out the window! A fine winning ride by Richard Wood, the only sub-hour rider!

UPDATE: Tony Farmborough emailed to observe that Richard updated his previous course record! So extra congratulations to Richard...

UPDATE 2: Jaybee has some photos up at Facebook. I think you need a FaceBook account to view them (which I don't!)


          Lap 1 Hill Finish 
Pos No Name Club Cat Time Climb Time
1 2 Richard Wood TeamMK S 26.17 N/a 55.21
2 6 Lindz Barral Twenty 3c S 28.31 N/a 1.00.40
3 5 Jordan Mackie TeamMK S 29.54 N/a 1.01.44
4 3 Andy Smith TeamMK V54 30.49 N/a 1.05.01
5 4 Jason Lee TeamMK V43 30.40 N/a 1.05.32
6 1 Graham Line NBRC V47 32.13 N/a 1.09.49

Timekeeper - Tony Farmborough (NBRC)