Two reports this week. First up, Tim Bailey's report:

My second cross race of the season and I felt badly prepared for it. After a fourteen day spell working (and staying) in London with just one race and no training over that time I wasn’t expecting too much. Still getting used to a new category (grand vet 50+), tired from work and carrying the bottle of 10yr old single malt (mostly in my liver) that was a gift from Kate’s parents to celebrate my 50th birthday the previous week, I was just so happy to be part of the day having already missed two rounds out of four of the Central Cyclo-Cross League.

Nathan sent in this report of the second round of the Central Cyclocross League. Any other reports would be most welcome!

MK Bowl was the venue for CXL round two, so I decided to ride over as my warm up. When I left the house it was chilly but dry with the sun out and no indication that it would change anytime soon. Pretty much straight after I signed on and picked up my number, that changed and there was a sudden downpour completely changing the conditions.

After a quick warm up ride up and down the concrete track round the bowl and a chat with the family, I wandered over to the start where I met up with John who was also giving the novice race a go.

The 2016-2017 Cyclocross season started on Sunday. Nathan has decided to give this season of cyclocross a bash and sent in this report. We may get further reports in from Adriana and Dave.

A night of heavy rain, that woke me up several times meant that I was apprehensive about the conditions come Sunday morning for my cyclocross debut at RAF Halton. I chucked my Cannondale in the car, and dragged Louise, and Poppy, my three month old down to support me.

When I got there, the kids races were in full swing with the RAF band giving the occasion a bit of atmosphere. The sheer number of riders racing in throughout the day, and the spectators they brought with them meant it was a well-supported event.