Dave Goodhew has sent in this report on round 12 of the Central Cyclocross League. It was postponed from its original scheduled date.

CXL 12 Welwyn Wheelers

This was the final race of the cross season for me and Adriana (CXL had been rescheduled due to high winds before). Both of us were full of cold despite our attempts at healthy eating throughout the year. Perhaps the 5k Park run and a rainy cold ride the week before made us susceptible to catching the bugs flying round this time of year. Not wanting to waste our entry fees, we drove to Welwyn expecting the worst conditions yet. Course was actually perhaps the driest I had ridden this year with plenty of grip with a mud tyre. Simon Moss had made an appearance as guest of honour and was excited after being indecisive about racing this year. Tim had broken both his self and bike in training and would not be able to do it.


Me and Simon had a lap for warm up, I knew then I had no legs or health and would just be riding round.  Course was quite big but fast, the high winds had little effect apart from causing havoc with the course tapes and helping to blow us up the hills.

Race start was backwards after the first hill with riders who are normally way back on me shooting past. I settled into solo riding for the first lap and thought about quitting after first lap but I was concerned that Adriana also had to do this, so I would carry on to complete all races I had started this year.  Second lap it got worse as I got caught in a broken course tape which had been displaced by the 40 mph winds. Stopping to unwrap tape put me farther back still. There was still some tape in the pulley but I pressed on not expecting much now, amused myself by practising cornering skills though I had barely enough speed in legs to need to slow down.

Adriana found the course ok and got more confident as she rode. High speed downhills into corners are still cause for concern and we will make some efforts to train for these. We do no training for cross apart from a couple of rides before season. She was in extreme discomfort from doing this race and it was still a threshold effort for both of us.

Tim would have done well here.  He finishes 17th in the League.

NBRC completed 25 races this year.

I still have traces of cold!

Sean Dines made it look easy for 1st Place

Simon Moss put in a fine effort and made 5th (ex NBRC)

Adriana 5th and 3rd Senior

Dave Goodhew  23rd