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Result of New Years Day 10

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / - Vets Std
1 11 Anthony Batt NBRC 24.19 S      
2 9 Lindz Barral 24.29 S      
3 7 Richard Wood Arbis/Colbert 25.15 S      
4 8 Andy Smith TeamMK 26.36 S      
5 4 Anthony Newland Bossard Wheelers 26.41 V47 26.31 .- 0.10 1
6 3 Matt Exley 26.55 S      
7 10 Jason Lee TeamMK 27.28 V43 26.13 .- 1.15 2
8 5 Trevor Watson Bossard Wheelers 29.19 V53 26.55 .- 2.24 5
9 12 Jeff Hathaway NBRC 29.37 V63 27.45 .- 1.52 4
10 2 Julian Lane NBRC 29.39 V46 26.26 .- 3.13 6
11 6 Daren Haseldine (Trike) TeamMK 29.53 V46 28.03 .- 1.50 3
12 1 Ian Stokes 45 Road Club 33.39 V53 26.55 .- 6.44 7

Timekeepers: Steph Cousins and Tony Farmborough; pusher-off: Bryan Scarborough; 'photographer': Robert Saunders

Good to see Anthony win from a respectable entry of 12 riders from 6 different clubs including Darren on his trike. Not a bad morning although I expect the riders will tell a different story (windy, cold, bloody hard etc etc). Superb effort from the ailing Rob Saunders who photographed every rider on the rise up to the 3rd roundabout, see the NBRC website gallery.

Dates for your Diary

  • Monday 14th January 7.30 for 8pm at Harley Hall are the details for the first monthly, open (committee) meeting for all members. Come along and influence the future of your club.
  • Sunday 24th February Jack’s Hill Cafe north of Towcester Phil Cooke Challenge 50 or 100km.   Details from
  • Thursday 18th April 7pm First MKCA Abbeygate Developments/Corley Cycles Bowl race.
  • Tuesday 7th May 7pm First LVRC race at the Bowl organiser Chris Gunter Virgin Active

Clubrun Reports

  • 2nd December - Was an icy day, some members stayed in bed, some went out later by themselves and there were reports of others braving the early hours.
  • 9th December - This was the day of the NBRC Freewheel Competition which was won by Darren Hayden (hope someone checked his saddlebag for rocks), the challenge took place after the club watered at the Barn. Russell clocked up 63 miles averaging 15.2mph, Anthony did 78!!!
  • 16th December - The clubrun went to Waddesdon and ended up with 50 miles(Chris) at 16.7mph avg
  • 23rd December - Chris reports a shorter route to Waddesdon (45 miles) av speed 15.8mph windy?
  • 30th December - Obviously winding down for the year end 45 miles again at 15.7mph to Buckingham
  • 6th Jan 2013 - Happy New Year The Dave Carrington Mystery Tour to the Barn 50m,16.6mph

HAVE YOU SEEN on You Tube Martyn Ashton and his amazing road bike stunt riding?!!!!!

A personal opinion from the Editor

Following a question from a friend and some contemplation these are my personal thoughts on the subject of other local cycling clubs.

I must stress that these are my own views although I have shared them with a couple of members and they seemed to go along with me most of the time. 

I believe that cycling clubs are as different as people, and we are all individuals with our own aspirations and methods.

I have always aimed to stay friends with all cyclists who move to other clubs, or form breakaway clubs or argue different ways of doing things.

Over the years NBRC has seen many developments, initially the formation of MKCC in the 1980’s, also MK Velo Sport and the doomed Concept of One.

I see the NBRC, as the oldest and original local club, formed in 1952/3, as a benchmark club. We welcome anyone to join in our activities and to become members if they like us. In the same way we expect a welcome when we visit other clubs for their events and clubruns. There is room in this city for lots of different groups and the main requirement is to stay friends. This way cycling remains a strong and relevant local sport.

Under the umbrella of the MK Cycling Association we aspire to move local cycling forward, possibly with a new closed circuit, possibly an outdoor banked track and we would also like to help BMX achieve their aim of a new venue.

Each local club will have their own strengths and weaknesses, just as people are different, so they will want to do things their own way. I say “Good Luck”, “Go for it” and “Give us a wave on the road”.

See you,

Dick Selley

PS   I have just visited the website for SET Cycling Club based at the Dons Stadium. Interesting.  We wish them well with their endeavours, encourage them to affiliate to MKCA and hope to see them on the road from time to time.  I just hope common sense will prevail when we all turn up at the same cafe at the same time.


I have updated the NBRC Forums, and despite initially losing all the prior posts (or, rather, rendering them invisible), I have, by dint of some considerable database hacking restored everything. There are still some minor tweaks needed - try logging in and exploring the Forums. Leave suggestions for improvements and tweaks in the appropriate forum.

Mobile access to Forums
I have also enable the Forums with use on the smartphone and tablet Tapatalk app. I believe this is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices. Possibly others. Our forums are under Sports (Running and Cycling, I think - search for North Bucks). It's quite a good way of accessing the Forum.

Member pages update
I've upload an article for members into the Member Pages for discussion. Please do log in and contribute your opinion: if you still cannot access the Member Pages (or if you have forgotten your password), drop me an email.


Membership application/renewal forms for 2013 are now available. Follow About NBRC | Join Us from the menu above, or go here. Membership fees didn't rise for 2013!

The North Bucks Road Club held its annual prize-giving at Harley Hall on 10th December. We had a good attendance on a bitterly cold night. Fortunately members were sustained by a combination of mince pies and mulled wine. Here's the list of awards made.

Anthony Batt

The P&D Hill Climb Cup
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Fastest Time
In the Club Hill Climb Championship
In a time of 2min 09.2sec 

The Tempat Angor Betwani Jug
(By nomination)
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member who Improved Most in the Current Season 

Tony Parks

 The Viceroy Cup
Two Laps of Astwood 
 In a time of 46min 16sec

The Pine Rudi Cup
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Fastest Time in any Open 10 Mile Time Trial 
In a time of 21min 45sec 

Cinzano Trophy
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Fastest Time
In the Club 10 Mile Time Trial Series 
In a time of 21min 21sec
(excluding the club “10” championship event)

NBRC 10 Mile Club Championship Trophy
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Fastest Time
In the Club Championship 10 Mile Time Trial 
In a time of 21min 37sec

 Club Short Distance BAR. (Gentlemen Germigny 1973 cup)
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Highest
Average Speed Over the Required Distances (50 – 25 – 10 Miles)
With a average speed of 27.472mph

Robert Saunders

 The New Years Day “10” Cup
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Fastest Time in the New Years Day 10 Mile Time Trial
In a time of 24min 37sec 

The Sewell Cup
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Fastest Time in the Club Championship 25 Mile Time Trial
In a time of 1hr 00min 35sec

The Tarmac Trophy
(By nomination)
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member with the Greatest Number, Most Dramatic or Humorous Crashes.

Stuart Eccles

The Quillum Cyclo Cross Trophy
(By nomination)
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member With the Highest
Attainment in Cyclo Cross / Off road Events

Steve Abraham

The 24 Hour Club Competition
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Recording the Highest Mileage in a 24 Hour Time Trial
With a winning distance and new club record of 448.193miles

The Eileen Gingell Shield
(By nomination)
Awarded to a NBRC First Claim Member for Perseverance

Chris Selley 

The Brush Cup
(By nomination)
Awarded for Meritorious Performance

Stepanie Cousins

 The Ladies Trophy.
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Lady Member Who Achieved

Richard Selley

The Wooden Spoon
(By appointment of the previous recipient)
Awarded to the NBRC First Claim Member Deemed to Have Excelled at “Stirring Things Up”

North Bucks Road Club medals awarded to:-

Nathan Thomas

Silver Medal. 2nd in the club Hill Climb competition in a time of 2min 10.0sec

Darren Oldroyd

Bronze Medal. 3rd in the club Hill Climb competition in a time of 2min  48.9sec


2012 NBRC Hillclimb Championship - Results

Pos No Name Club Time Cat
1 5 Anthony Batt NBRC 2-09.2 S
2 3 Richard Golding 2-09.5 V43
3 4 Nathan Thomas NBRC 2-10.0 S
4 7 Gavin Old 2-16.1 V41
5 6 Darren Oldroyd NBRC 2-48.9 V45

 See also the regular report.

Forthcoming Events

Monday 10th Dec 7.30pm for 8pm at Harley Hall

The first of the new monthly open (committee) meetings will be a “Mulled Wine and Mince Pies” evening at the clubroom (bring your own heater), and will incorporate the end of the season prize giving. Come along and get your medal and possibly a silver trophy or congratulate those who have won one (or two or three!).

Robert will demonstrate some new pages on the club website available to NBRC members only. 

Tuesday 1st January 2013

Blow off at least some of the Christmas calories! The New Years Day 10 mile TT will be held on the Stoke Hammond Bypass course start time 9am. Watch the website for more details through the festive season

News Item 

“An Evening with Ian Stannard” recently attracted nearly 200 guests at the Jurys Inn. Phil Corley and Dick Selley hosted the MKCA event and Bryan S, Ron Day, Darren, Russell, Chris and Jennie and Jeff Hathaway were present. It turned out to be a good evening. Tony Farmborough couldn’t come as he was riding in the Ghent 6 Day (or riding to it, or watching it or something).


Stuart Eccles made a brave start to the season competing at the Bowl and Hemel Hempstead before sickness and family commitments overtook him. We look forward to his return to the mud soon, if any club members fancy a go at this discipline please ring Stuart or Dick Selley (Stuart’s manager, carer and coach).


Last Sunday the club-run went to The Barn. Eight members rode along with friends from Team MK.  An icy start this week may have deterred some people, I know a few went out later, solo...a hint from Twitter was that one intrepid club rider knocked out 62 icy miles.

Club Photo  

As decided at the AGM we are keen to do this before Christmas and get as many members in club kit recorded for posterity Date, time and venue to be announced soon

New Committee for 2013

President Goz Goodman 
Chairman Bryan Scarborough
Secretary Stephanie Cousins 
Vice Chairman Rob Saunders
Treasurer John Reed 
Club Captain Chris Selley
Road Race Sec Gordon Batcock 
TT Sec Steve Abraham
Clothing Sec Nathan Thomas 
Press Sec Dick Selley
Webmaster Rob Saunders

Back page......”A ride by a member”  

Bucks Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride 2012

Many Thanks to all my sponsors whose combined contributions totalled £250, half of which will come back to Freeman, plus a proportion of the Gift Aid from the taxman.

As I decided to ”do it differently” this year I found myself riding only with my neighbour Bob who was collecting for Simpson Church, Ian and Sue's previous church. We had looked at the map and thought that the Buckingham Deanery area looked interesting.

On the day, after fixing the list to the Freeman door, with a pen dangling nearby, we signed in as the first visitors and set off for St Marys and St Andrews. Newton Longville was next where we added an extra church to the list, informing the bemused cleaners that they should join in despite being a relatively young church. On through the Horwoods and cross country to Adstock where we found the oldest church on our journey, the first rector was listed as 1221, amazing. I am planning to record and display all of our Freeman ministers for posterity following Tony Jones’ research and Ernie Allen's memories which go back a long timel I have told Beatrice she will be at the bottom of the list, but she said she didn't mind.

On through Padbury, Gawcott and Tlngewick, places often visited by the local cycling clubs on their training rides, we decided that Finmere would be "a step too far” and aimed instead for Water Stratford and Dadford. This gave us a back-door access to Stowe and after watching a rugby match for a while and questioning various locals we eventually found the estate church hidden away in the trees. We were invited to view the "Whistler Window" which was beautiful, engraved glass and their treasure. Whilst there we were accosted by an elderly gentleman who Informed us that despite his advanced age (80 years), he had been out on his bike that morning and also that he did the Sponsored Churches Ride himseifa few years ago. He amazed us by claiming to have raised £750 on that ride, I suspect that the fact that he was a Mason and no doubt had many well-heeled friends and associates may have helped. We pedalled through the park to the entrance/exit to be challenged by a bumptious official who told us No you cannot cycle through the park, you must cycle round the cycle trail. Hang on said I, we are on the Historic Churches Ride and we have just visited your historic church, this did not seem to make any difference to his opinion of us, nor did the news that i was a National Trust member, we were inevitably "Thrown Out". This was the highlight of our tour. Stowe is well worth a visit if you have not already been there.

Down to Chackmore where we found the church had been converted to a residence, as had Foscote. A stretch of mainroad followed before we reached Thornborough, then Nash, Whaddon and our last church was the minute St Giles at Tattenhoe on the edge of Howe Park Wood.

So another year's ride was completed and back at church I collected the money and promises from absent members of the Freeman Flyers that they will get fit and ride next year. OK, I live in hope!!! Claydon Deanery next year?

Dick Selley (OCR'd from a scan by Robert, who accepts responsibility for any typos!) 

I've started making some changes to the website. There are now two areas open only to NBRC members: some Member Pages, and a Members only forum. If you log in and are a club member, you should see a menu item 'Member Pages' above. If you don't see that menu item I will need to update your site registration, so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also email me if you have forgotten your login details, or if your account isn't working. I do website maintenance in the evenings, so allow some time for me to respond.

I'll be making some other website changes in the coming weeks.

[Update] If you are an NBRC member, and logged in to the site, you should now see two items in the User Menu (to the left of the website): One of these is a direct link to the NBRC members only discussion forum, and the other is to the new Strava section. If you log in and find that neither of these features (or the main link to the Member pages) are visible to you even though you are a paid up NBRC member, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..