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We've published our 2018 time trial series calendar on the website. We're keen that riders who’ve never given time trialling a go should feel free to come along to one (or more) of our events. All of our events are designated ‘come and try it’ events, though we’ve selected several that may suit beginners.

The first three events will be held on the Astwood course on the first three Saturdays of March. Each event starts at 10am and uses the BikeBus cafe as race HQ. The first event is on 3rd March.

For 2018, we have made some changes to the time trial leagues:

  • We have selected five events on the Astwood course to use as a ‘Newcomers Competition’ - to be eligible you have to be a newcomer to the sport, and you’re expected to be using a regular road bike rather than a specialist time trial bike. Feel free to ride as many of these events as you wish: the winner will be the rider with the best improvement through the five events. These events will be using the BikeBus as the race HQ, where we’ll give a briefing to new riders, and you can sign on.
  • We will have a womens’ league this year, organised in the same way as the other leagues, in which a rider’s best seven places through the time trial series count to their final points tally.

All our events can be entered on the line, with entry at £3 for NBRC members, £5 for non-members.

The full time trial calendar can be found at this website, along with more information about time trials. Full details of each event are posted a week ahead in the Latest News section of the website. These details will include links to detailed course descriptions and risk assessments for each course we use. Results are usually posted within 24h of the event.

If you have any questions, or wish further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have been looking at the club clothing design and also the garments and supplier.  At the February club meeting last night I proposed a new club kit which was seconded by Aaron McCaffrey, and voted in agreement by majority vote by those in attendance. As you will see this is very similar to the classic NBRC kit that has been worn by during some of the most successful periods of the club.

The next Club Meeting with be held at The Inn on the Lake on Monday 12th February from 7.30pm. As a reminder, we now conduct club business at our club meetings, so an agenda will be prepared - any items for the agenda should be sent to Steph or Robert by email. 


The 2018 NBRC Time Trial Calendar is online. Note that this is provisional and subject to some modifications. In particular, we've been investigating the use of Nash Hall as an HQ for events based on the Whaddon circuit.

For 2018, we will be extending the number of TT championship series - as well as the Open and Club Leagues for seniors and veterans and the Handicap league, we plan the following:

  • Newcomers League - based over four events on the Astwood circuit, the winner will be the rider who makes the best improvement over these events. Riders must be new to time trialling and riding a concentional road bike (i.e. not with aero handlebars).
  • Womens' Leagues - for both seniors and veterans. As with the Open and Club Leagues, these will be awarded for the highest total points accrued on riders' best seven performances in the club's time trials. 


The 2017 TT League tables are now available, except for the Handicap league. We currently assemble five league tables:

Open TT League - Riders are awarded points for placings, with 150 points for first place, 140 for second and so forth down to 10 points for 15th place. The final score is the sum of the rider's best 7 placings.

NBRC TT League - This table consists of the same points allocations as the Open TT League, but shows only first claim NBRC riders.

Veterans Open TT League - Riders are awarded points as for the main Open League, but for placings in veterans standard.

NBRC Veterans TT League - This table consists of the same points allocations as the Veterans Open TT League, but shows only first claim NBRC riders.

Please let Robert know if you think there are any errors, for example in what club riders are listed against.

For 2018, we plan some changes to the TT leagues:

1. Better opportunities for women riders. In recent years, we've often had only a few women taking part regularly (though I think we've seen more interest this year). So we plan a separate women's league. Men and women are bundled together in veteran standards, so I've listed women's places in both the veterans leagues.

2. A beginners' league. This will use five events based on the Astwood circuit and will be open to riders new to time trialling who are riding road bikes (defined for convenience as not having aero-bars). The winner will be the rider showing the best improvement over the series of events. We're hoping to attract new riders into regularly taking part.

3. Robert will not leave compiling the league tables until the end of the season in 2018. Many apologies for the lateness of these league tables.

Membership forms for joining the North Bucks Road Club, or for renewing membership are now online.

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The next Club Meeting with be held at The Inn on the Lake on Monday 15th December from 7.30pm. As a reminder, we now conduct club business at our club meetings, so an agenda will be prepared - any items for the agenda should be sent to Steph or Robert by email. As a starter, I propose we discuss the 2018 club TT series and possible changes to the League structure. Dave has compiled a calendar of events.


Come and blow the seasonal cobwebs out of your system, and test how your winter training programme is working!

The 2018 New Year's Day '10' will be on the Stoke Hammond bypass course (F5d/10). If you are new to the course, please review the course description and risk assessment. Here is the Course route - includes download links for many GPS enabled computers.

We start at 10am, entry is £3.00 for members, £5.00 for non-members.

All are welcome at our club time trials: make sure you turn up in time to sign on. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet. We recommend the use of a rear light, especially in evening events. You need to be 12 or over to ride time trials. If you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian to take part (download a permission form in pdf format and in Word format). Each of our courses has a route description and a risk assessment - note that time trials are ridden on open roads. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course! Here's a brief introduction to time trials.